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1. Registration to this website is FREE, PREMIUM Membership is through paid access only!  Your PREMIUM membership is valid for a period of one year after you purchase it. Because of the nature of this forum, we will not issue refunds including pro-rated refunds will not be allowed.  Please also note that we have the right to not accept a persons membership to PROPhotogs.

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7. You may not use this site to host images or content. All files uploaded to this site are for members ONLY.

8. Any issues or business not directly related to photography are not to be discussed in threads or posts. These matters do not involve this forum and should be handled outside of this site.

9. No posting any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise volatile of any laws.

10.  We are not a DRAMA forum, we are a LEARNING forum.  ALL drama will be halted immediate and if continued on by the same members, they will be suspended from their account for a period of time that will be determined at the time of offense.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


* What do you like about the image? What draws you in or makes the image interesting to you? Saying what worked in an image is just as important as saying what didn't work - it gives the photographer a chance to identify what techniques work for the future.

* What parts of the image do you not like? Be specific - Be professional.

* If you were there taking the photo, what would you do instead? Of course, not everyone can answer this, so don't feel too proud to say "I'm not sure what I would do".  Remember that the photographer has asked for critique, not off the cuff remarks. Being vague is not always helpful.

Remember that you are critiquing an artwork that someone has spent time and energy (and possibly some money) on. When offering your opinion, bare in mind that, even if you are only speaking of the image, people can still take your words personally. Nobody is forcing you to like an image - you can say that you don't, but be prepared to say why as well as offer some comments on how the photograph could be improved.


1. Advertising & Promoting a company and/or product may only be conducted by those whom have paid advertising. You may not promote your own business products \ services on this site without obtaining one of our paid advertising subscriptions in conjunction with your Premium Membership.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE "ADVERTISE WITH PROPS" link in the top navigation bar on our forum homepage for info and pricing.


" Group Buys will be organized and structured. If you are a premium member AND an advertiser of ProPs you may start your own group buy thread in the appropriate forum.

" If you are NOT an advertiser, you may not post group buys of individuals selling templates, borders, business items, etc.
" You MAY  however, post about group buys from major photographic companies. (software programs, backdrops, labs, etc)
" We encourage you to invite individuals you may know to join ProPs and become a paid advertiser so that they may post their own group buys.  This would be the GOLD option up to the Platinum option.


3 lines of text only.
If you do not pay to advertise, do not put your business URL or BLOG in your signature.
NO IMAGES in your signature UNLESS you are a paid advertiser. Please REMOVE images from your signature line UNLESS you are a paid advertiser.  Please update your signature accordingly. Any signatures not in accordance will be deleted.

These rules/guidelines are subject to change without notice.