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ProPhotogs.com, sometimes called ProPs is a place for your to learn, share, make lifelong friends and fellow peers, and gain knowledge to help you in your photography career. Props was started 9 years ago by Cher Salo and originally called "Little Green Photographers". Over the last 9 years the forum has grown to include over a million posts, has hosted 3 conventions in different cities across the country, and has given it's members a place to call home for any and all photography related discussions.

In October of 2012 the forum was taken over by Cristy and John Nielsen.
Cristy and John have maintained a profitable photography business for 10 years, have a unique studio in two vintage, historically recognized train cars in Central Florida, and both work full time in the industry. Their joint experience as a husband and wife team has led them to managing the forum in addition to their photography business. Their hope is that the forum will serve as a vehicle for new and veteran photographers alike to share their experiences, unite the photography community, and improve the quality standards industry wide. Most importantly, their vision is that this is everyone's forum, where everyone feels safe to post and ask questions, and where everyone can turn when they need help.


What Props members have had to say...

"I joined Props 7.5 yrs ago and would not be where I am in my business or even still in business if it weren't for that place I call home.. I have met so many wonderful people from here, ones who I gladly call friends.. This is a place for everyone, and I am grateful it still exist." ~ Therese Marie Photography

"ProPs has been instrumental in both the development of my photography and my lifelong friendships. Both my camera and my friends play a huge role in the richness of my life and I owe a debt of gratitude to ProPs for developing them both." ~ Michelle Rhude

"I've been a member of ProPs since 2005 (wow!), and the value of the forum has always been centered around its membership. You won't find a more giving, sharing, and supportive place to hone your craft anywhere else on the web!" ~ Pam Moss

"As a photographer who has had plenty of ups and downs, I do not think that I could have weathered well without the wonderful friends and professional advice gained through ProPs over the years. I've been a member since 2006 and have known many of the members since before my time on the forum. I continue to turn to these same individuals each time I have a question because I value their honesty and their experience. If you want your business to grow or just grow as a photographer, this is the place to be. I've been on many forums, but none compare to the lessons and friendships learned/earned here." ~ Toni Hopper Photography

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